Cammie’s music emerges from the historical acoustic music influences of the blues, jazz, bluegrass, and early country music traditions prominent in the southern Piedmont, foothills, and mountains of northwest North Carolina. By blending these traditional sounds with an ear to the contemporary, Cammie creates a music that contains all the flavor of these rich traditions encased within a fresh harmonious style that is impossible to classify. Her sound is without question original, yet somehow familiar. There is just something in her music that, regardless of your musical tastes, seems to grab you and pull you in. 

While her guitar work is solid, it's Cammie's voice that  lead so many people to say "You gotta hear this girl sing!" 
She  has a rich thick voice that will take you on an emotional journey from the tear jerking songs of classic country, through the jazz divas of the 1940’s, to the sultry blues reminiscent of the old south. 

Cammie plays with a variety of amazingly talented musicians. She offers solo performances, a jazz duo, an acoustic trio and a full bluegrass band. 


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